Stop Overthinking , Become a person of Action

Updated: Jan 6

One of the most common things that gets people stuck in inaction and in not doing what they deep down would like to is the destructive habit of overthinking. You can overthink a small problem or challenge until it looks like a huge and undefeatable monster. Overthinking is exhausting.

When you overthink, thoughts run circles around your head and you find yourself stuck in reverse unable to move forward. More so, you start coming up with bizarre ideas that totally contradict each other.

You start blaming yourself for things you didn’t do and worrying about scenarios that may or may not happen. Overthinking is simply the act of “thinking about something too much or for too long.”

I know the feeling, and it’s energy-draining. In fact, studies have shown that overthinking elevates your stress levels, reduces your creativity, clouds your judgment and strips you of your power to make decisions.