Ankahi Baatein is a online Emotion Support Platform ,  where people who are going through mental stress, anxiety or any other issues like Family conflicts , Breakup etc. can share all their concern with our experts. 


Ankahi Baatein provides you :

 1:  Quality Experts

      (Listener, Counsellors , Life coach , Fitness coach etc. )

 2: Anonymous chat 

 3: Safe Friendly Environment 

 4: 24*7 Support . 

You can discuss here :

Feel free to vent out for :

Confusion in career                          Work stress

Been cheated by partner                   Loneliness

Marital issues                                     Body shammed 

Family conflicts                                 Overthinking

Break up                                             Low confidence 

Lockdown and Covid impact           Mood swings

Miscarriage/abortion                        Pregnancy stress

New motherhood                              Conflict with Friends

Physical or verbal abuse                    Trapped/Stuck

Demise of close one                            Inferiority complex

Guilt                                                    ill-treated

Being Misunderstood  etc.